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☰ Edwin Stolk

View of:
the Langerbrugge
Power Station
in progress 2021

Position 2-View of the Langerbrugge Power Station is part of the proposal entitled 'Mission Dhuicque' and was developed during my Konnektor residency in the summer of 2020. This proposal consists of three interconnected positions that service the area around the Langerbrugge Power Station.

Where the Langerbrugge Power Plant once enabled city lights to break forever with the darkness of night, I would like to draw your attention today to the status of this heritage site. Eugène Dhuicque was the architect of this building and the nearby garden district of Herryville. During his lifetime he was an active advocate for the skilful restoration of heritage and its careful management. The power plant is seen as an important building in his oeuvre. It is tragic to see the poor condition of this heritage site today while it has great historical value for Langerbrugge.

People pointed out to me the negligence of the current owner MG Real Estate. This owner is not responding to my requests to share opinions. Residents of Langerbrugge and former employees of the power plant have been witnessing the decline of this heritage site for years now. Their perception appears to have little or no influence on decision-making at this point. The observation of these witnesses is central to this work of art. By exhibiting the building during the time of sunset and sunrise I want to investigate the power and meaning of our perception.


On Saturday, January 30, 2021 at sunset (5:00 PM) and Sunday, January 31, at sunrise (8:00 AM), I will look at the Langerbrugge Power Plant. I want to investigate the significance of this observation. This is a try out of Position 2 - View of the Langerbrugge Power Plant. I can then be found in the 'historic room' of the Langerbrugge-South coupling area. Nice if you come too! We will look together at 1.5 meters distance. Send me an email and I will keep you informed. Here you have a magnificent view of the Langerbrugge power station!

For this central panel of 'Mission Dhuicque' I proposed placing a grandstand in the Langerbrugge-South coupling area. This grandstand has no more than five hundred seats. This number refers to the seveso group risk in force here. The participants are carefully informed in advance of the risks associated with this work and the view of the Langerbrugge Power Plant.

Eugène Dhuicque was an admirer of the art critic John Ruskin and his view of the ruin as a bearer of meaning.

'Let every dawn of morning be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close.' [John Ruskin from The Two Paths.]

Position 2 forms the central part of the intended landscape triptych. The situation sketch on the right gives a good impression.

Position 1 - View of Kronos Europe NV

[This position offers a view of the present, which has a major influence on the choices that are made today.]

Position 2 - View of the Langerbrugge Electricity Station by sunrise and sunset

[This position offers a view of the visible past, which seems to slowly wither away.]

Position 3 - View of the former fly ash dumb from the Langerbrugge power station

[This position offers a view of the consequences of a past that seems to have been disappeared forever in the green of trees.]

Shaping our culture is a shared responsibility. That is why I would like to examine the cultural landscape on offer here collaboratively.

Best regards, Edwin Stolk

During my research I have been in contact with representatives of the municipality of Evergem, Het agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed, de Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie, de provincie Oost Vlaanderen, Comeet and the Projectgroep Gentse Kanaalzone. I was reading a thesis about the architect Eugène Dhuicque written by Roos Pauwels at the University of Ghent and studied many (governmental) reports about this area and the companies active in this area. I spoke with the founder and conservator of the former Museum Energeia, with former workers of the power plant and people who are born and raised with the view of this power station. It was special to meet with supporters and opponents of this heritage.

I want to thank everyone for their confidence.

Slide 1 An overview of the three positions of 'Mission Dhuicque
Slide 2 The Langerbrugge power station in the summer of 2020
Slide 3 View on the Langerbrugge power station seen from the proposed grandstand

Gouvernement made this proposal 'Mission Dhuicque' possible during Konnektor and it will be further elaborated with the following partners: (your company, organization, name here?) 'Mission Dhuicque' follows the concept of #theorganisation

Would you also like to collaborate on this issue? Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available to share my insights of the research and I collected material that could be exhibited.

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