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"'Politics is not the exercise of, or struggle for power', but instead 'consist in reconfigurating the distribution of the sensible.' The dream of a suitable political work of art is in fact the dream of disrupting the relationship between the visible, the sayable, and the thinkable without having to use the terms of a message as a vehicle. It is a dream of an art that would transmit meanings in the form of a rupture with the very logic of meaningful situations."[1]


Educated as visual artist I am particularly interested in the dynamics and possibilities of 'public space' as active scene for social inquiries. Each project starts from a personal and precise research, investigating site specific opportunities. My artistic role is to become the initiator of diverse coproductions. The public presence and human interactions that lead to a wide variety of prefigurative visuals I consider the 'artworks' of my practice. The term prefigurative refers here to a political orientation based on the premise that the ends a social movement achieves are fundamentally shaped by the means it employs, and that movements should therefore do their best to choose means that embody or "prefigure" the kind of society they want to bring about.

These coproductions investigate and influence the way our shared and accepted idea of 'reality' is constructed and encourages peoples involvement. They are trajectories rather than destinations. Participants make institutionalized knowledge and resources available for alternative use and act as shareholders. Common interest delivers the tool to 'invest' in opening up strictly controlled environments. These interventions offer space and means for non-profit 'otherness' which is necessary to question and transform today's standardized capitalistic society.

I am always looking for new forms of multidisciplinary exchange and seek support in various ways. Please do not hesitate to get involved or contact me if you have any questions. Besides my artistic practise I write about art as #strangemessenger, I am founder of #theorganisation and cofounder of #focus.

Best regards, Edwin Stolk (radical phenomenologist, subjective terrorist, situationist and material actionist.)

[1] Jacques Rancière, Aesthetics and its Discontents, Cambridge 2009, p.24.