Lectures & Presentations

As initiator of alternative visualizations it is important to share my ideas with a broad audience. I consider the proposed 'assemblages' of my practise as tools, necessary to research collectively what is considered real or reality. With lectures and presentations I want to introduce alternatives, influence the way we look, and stimulate a critical audience to interact with their surroundings.

It is the role of art in society to continuously question the choices we make or the ones that have been made for us. The only effective way to engage is by unconventional multidisciplinary exchanges because we simply need the right means to raise awareness and expertise to formulate new ways of understanding.

It is important to realize that much of what we see today is directed by commerce, so to search for different answers to urgent issues we need a progressive and open climate of exchange. With my practise I would like to contribute to this environment.

So far I was honored to share my ideas at primary schools like De Driemaster in Nijmegen until the University of Amsterdam. Please feel free to contact me and find out what I can do for you.