Lectures & Presentations

With lectures and presentations I try to bridge the gap between art and society. I explain social partners the possibilities and the added value of art in civic processes. Art is at the service of the sum - the whole of society. In art education I emphasize the opportunities that arise when the practice of art actively engages in dialogue with social partners.

The context-dependent artistic processes of my practice are characterized by multidisciplinary exchange. When engaging in dialogue with a specific site for a few months, or one or more years, and working with unusual partners, reciprocal research and learning trajectories emerge that are essential to a vibrant society. Like no other, the image of art can develop alternative perspectives in response to urgent social themes.

I stimulate a broad involvement of a diversity of people when it comes to the design of our culture. After all, art has an innovative value for all partners in the democratic triangle - citizens, companies and government. Both in the 'art world' and beyond, more attention is needed for the inclusion of art in social processes and I am committed to work on this recognition.

So far I was privileged to inspire and connect with a broad audience. Talking about the possibilities of socially engaged art on various occasions and at different locations. For example with primary school students at De Driemaster in Nijmegen and students from the University of Amsterdam. From a presentation at SPUI25 to a meeting in the company canteen of Hitachi Data Systems in Zaltbommel. In 2019 I was a part-time lecturer in engagement at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle and at the beginning of this year I was asked to present "De Zetting" at Kunsthal Gent in Ghent, Belgium.

Please feel free to contact me and to find out what I can do for you.