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☰ Edwin Stolk

'5 - 4 = 1'
26 February 2017

How can we liberate art from its political imprisonment?

'5 - 4 = 1' was a theatrical representation based on nine-Dutch translations by Louwrien Wijers of statements which the German artist Joseph Beuys did when he was for nine days in Japan in May/June 1984. I chose three of the nine translations for this piece because these three texts appeal to me the most.

Text 5 is about economical culture - text 4 is about the creative source we all have = this asks for text 1 our widening perception of art.

On Sunday, February 26 at 1 pm the door of the former beauty salon opened its doors, now Mondriaan Fund Guest Studio Louwrien Wijers, Hoofdstraat 12 in Ferwert. The door closed at 1:30 pm when the show started, which took about half an hour.

The audience was looking from the inside out, towards busstop Vrijhof at the Hoofdstraat in Ferwert where line 54 stops, it goes from Holwerd to Leeuwarden. People recieved a flyer on which the three texts of Beuys were printed. In the left and right corner of the shop window two laptops were positioned inwards looking and showing an online videoregistration of Arriva line 54.

After 15 minutes from behind the audience a text (Dutch) was spoken by me out loud. Followed at 1:54 pm by a loud applause for the busdriver as artist and actor of this play. When the bus passed by as a possible university the play ended.

'5 - 4 = 1' shaped the outcome of my research about freedom during my stay in the guest studio in January and February 2017.

'5 - 4 = 1' was made possible by the generous support of Mondriaan Fund, municipality Ferwerd, gym De Heechfinne, Arriva, Louwrien Wijers and Egon Hanfstingl and followed the concept of #theorganisation.

Mondriaan Fund

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.

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