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WAR OF CURRENTS _eliminator of possibilities

May 2009

War of Currents

For this contribution to the UNFAIR project, a group show at the Servicegarage in Amsterdam, I was invited by the artist and curator Ehsan Fardjadniya. The exhibition was organized parallel to Art Amsterdam (art fair) and part of temporary museum Amsterdam and showed artworks as an institutional critique opposing the commercial art scene.

With my contribution to the show I researched the way 'image' is valued by isolation within a forced context. Therefore at the servicegarage, which was a formal garage for cars, I collected all available materials which were obviously taken out of sight to create a clean exhibition space. With this gesture it was my aim to disturb this clean experience.

The title was inspired by the surrounding street names. They were all named after scientists and inventors, like Stephensonstraat (George Stephenson), George Westinghousestraat and Rudolf Dieselstraat. The confrontation between George Westinghouse's promotion of AC power distribution and Thomas Edison's DC power system became known as "the War of Currents."

This conflict and difference in approach I used as a metaphor for change that I would like to see when we give meaning to art. We need a new current that changes the importance from market driven art towards a form that plays a more fundamental role and could have an influence in the way our society is shaped and visualized.

The current art market takes 'the present' as 'eliminator of possibilities' and transfers the future into the past. This asks for change.

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