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THE VOID in which the cackling of art theory echoes

March 18 till 3 April 2011

'The Void' was part of a group show by Sandberg Institute students at W139 in Amsterdam and was deliberately questioning the showing of art, the artist who is showing and the venue as place to show. It tried to redefine the context and role of art. The whole intervention consisted of several different elements as walks, talks, presentations, videos and other web-based content.

'The scenery' is a digital video dairy in relation to 'The void' and contains texts from email traffic and video registrations of journeys while I am travelling to W139 (connected) meetings.


A 'White cube presentation' was shown 18 and 19 March at W139, it was the first out of six curated group shows by Yael Messer (SKOR) and Christina Li (BAK, Utrecht). Within this setting I exhibited the work 'Untitled'. Two letters I received from the Sandberg Institute after I aplied for their course, one that I was accepted and one that I was denied. In the same time the work was exhibited online to investigate the impact by off- and online presentations.


'Infiltration' was on show till 24 March at Foam, photography museum. A large photograph made by my wife Hristina Tasheva, who made my portrait was shown there.


During the exhibition The Organisation_Mobile office was present at the opening hours of the art space. This way people were able to get to know more about #theorganisation and its intentions. After several requests I was not allowed by the board of W139 to use their office, because the art and artists belong in the exhibition space.

Aimless trajectory II consisted out of walks organized by me which started at W139 and went into the city of Amsterdam without a clear destination. The movement of the participating people away from the art space was an important gesture here.

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