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The Placing
5 & 6 October 2019

The Placing (translated from Flemish De Zetting) is an ode in favour of the Brugse Poort in Ghent and organized by de Koer.

De Zetting Brugse Poort If you live in the Brugse Poort you can download the poster here, or get your free copy at de Koer and place it at home in front of your window. For more information or to subscribe please sent an email to: dezetting[at]

Other languages available here: Arabic, Bulgarian, Romanian more will follow...

When many residents join, a poetry is created that will be unkown and foreign to the stony streets of the Brugse Poort.

The Placing is inspired by 'finch sitting' which is part of traditional Flemish culture and shortly pronounced in Flemish as 'zetting' which means 'placing'. In a contest, a row of small cages, each housing a finch, is lined up along a street. Every time a bird sings a correct song ending with "suskewiet" a mark in chalk is made on a long wooden stick. In the Brugse Poort there used to be 'finch sittings' on the Groendreef and the Leiekaai.

De Vinkenzetting

The placing of these birds in a long row of 'boxes' and counting their correct songs, has simularities with the way people are placed in the houses of this neighborhood today.

With The Placing organized by de Koer we ask the people of the Brugse Poort for one hour on 5 & 6 October to place the bird sound that represents their house best, so that we can hear it outside in the street. When many residents join in, a poetry will be created that is both unkown and foreign to these stony streets of the Brugse Poort.

If you live in this neighborhood please register for free and make The Placing an unforgetable experience: dezetting[at] From here we will help you finding the right bird sound.

Do it yoursef?

[1] Search for the bird sound that suits your house here: xeno-canto bird sounds from around the world.

[2] Download the sound file on a carrier (cd, dvd, usb stick, smartphone or laptop) and play the sound in a way that suits your home situation.

[3] Register for free by email (submit your home address, the bird of your choice and if possible a brief explanation). All participants will be located on this Google map.

[4] The Placing takes place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October between 11 am and 12 noon. Place a chair in front of your house and play the sound of your bird.

Can you help us?

* We are looking for residents that would like to ask other people in their street to join The Placing?

* We are looking for people who can translate the poster?

* We are looking for people who can help others to find the right bird sound?

Please contact us by email: dezetting[at]

The Placing is made possible with the help of the people of de Koer, Huis van Alijn, Pieter Vancauwenberghe, Danny Colpaert, Thierry Robesyn, Davy Van Den Heede, Isabel Pousset, Hristina Tasheva, VOEM vzw.

With this sound work I follow the concept behind #theorganisation and want to make knowledge and means available for initiatves that serve the society as a whole. Any tips or suggestions? Don't hesitate to contact me.

The Placing came under the attention from the following press: Jegens & Tevens

If you want to be informed on my future activities please subscibe here to the newsletter.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.

The image on this page is made with material form the internet and arranged by Edwin Stolk.