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☰ Edwin Stolk

The organisation
11 April - 8 May 2011

"When different partners manage to think 'out of the box', something special might happen."

This office was realised during my residency at HMK {HotelMariaKapel} where I was researching the possibility to create alternative perspectives within the available (art) infrastructure. I tried to realize this in unusual alliances with the availble local potential.

During this residency I researched if the art space could be activated as an infrastructure for social initiatives in the city of Hoorn. Searching for a practical form I tried to create an 'open office' availble for use by the local people. By doing so, I aimed to test the concept of sharing that hides behind #theorganisation and that I founded in 2011. To test how far others were willing to participate in unusual alliances in order to cocreate ready to use alternatives. In this context I was above all looking for a different role for art.

It was an interesting learning process where I found out that it isn’t at all easy to make the right resources available for non commercial, social purposes. The short period of time availble limited my possibilities to connect on a deeper level with initiatives in Hoorn.

This temporary office was above all a tryout and (amongst others) realized with the kind and important support of HMK Hotel Mariakapel, Kantoormeubel recycling and budget display located in Hoorn and the help of my wife Hristina Tasheva.

This residency was kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fund. While inside the HMK chapel we provided a short term office for alternative use.


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