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The organisation store

December 2011 till January 2012
(not realised)

This store concept was based on the ideas behind #theorganisation (founded in 2011) and worked out after an invitation by Jelle Bouwhuis, head curator SMBA (Stedelijk Museum Buro Amsterdam). Realization had to happen in an empty shop in Hoog Catharijne (a shopping mall in Utrecht) for the period of two months in collaboration with Stichting Kunst in het Stationsgebied, the municipality of Utrecht, Corio (owner of the shopping mall), shop owners and students of several design academies.

Within this setting I proposed to open a store that would present the commercial visual language used by the surrounding shops of the mall as its subject for investigation. I was wondering if this language was still comunicating properly with the customers of the mall. This store would be embedded in the shopping experience and at the same time function as a collaborative research environment, as a laboratory where through audience interaction we could investigate the visual culture of shopping.

My idea was for example to design gadgets with simple materials in close collaboration with students of the design academies in the Netherlands, small takeaways would contain de-contextualized commercial visual language, based on examples provided by the mall.

To touch the actuality I wanted to be involved in the communication between the city of Utrecht, Corio and the shop owners. During a meeting with the organizers I felt that this attitude was problematic within the economical climate of that time.

After a few weeks in which I was asked to develop a detailed version of my proposal I received a short email with the message that The organisation store was cancelled.


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