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☰ Edwin Stolk

The organisation

The organisation conference with the theme swarm potential was developed in close collaboration with MOTI, Museum of The Image in Breda, inhabitants of the Netherlands, several corporations and other cultural organisations in the Breda area. An expert team was involved; Mieke Gerritzen, Renée Frissen, Loek Grootjans, Sarah Sluimer and Robbert van Heuven to organize this re-enactment in the museum. Unfortunately we didn't manage to find enough financial support within the availble time scedule.

The organisation conference with the theme swarm potential was based on the visual appearance of the Bilderberg conferences, a yearly meeting of politicians, CEO's, scientists and other influential people. The outcome of these meetings is always surrounded by secrecy and the selection procedure of guests far from democratic.

MOTI museum would be turned in a three day conference location realized with the support of local organizations and public funding. A large nation wide campaign would call out for citizens with innovative ideas for the Netherlands. A selection would be made of 147 participants to attent this summit, the exact amount of people joining the Bilderberg conference in 2012.

In February 2013, after almost a year of hard work this project was unfortunately cancelled by the director of the museum due to a lack of financial support.

#theorganisation was founded in 2011 and aims to free knowledge and means for the cultural innovation of our society. Where corporate control focussus on economic benefits for their shareholders #theorganisation tries to improve our cultural surroundings.

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