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☰ Edwin Stolk


Reflector was a study commissioned by 'Circular Art Lab Limburg' and resulted in the village imagination plan 'Residence park Belfeld a/d Maas'.

"'Circular Art Lab Limburg' (CALL) presents social issues through open calls to committed makers and thinkers. They are invited to identify opportunities, make new connections and other scenarios imaginable. CALL # 2 focuses on strengthening neighborhoods.

Forecasts show that the number of households in Venlo will decrease from about 2028 onwards. In addition, the household composition is changing. There is an increasing need for housing for one person.

The housing stock can only be changed slowly, which means that we need to take action quickly in order to prepare the city for the changing demand. If we do not do that, then places will arise in the city where houses turn out to be unsaleable, resulting in vacancies and financial problems for homeowners." (source)

My proposal with the title 'REFLECTOR' was selected by a professional jury with three other proposals and was inspired by 'Het Romerhuis' in Venlo. Until 15 February 2018 I worked on a detailed elaboration of possibilities for experimental occupation of the existing infrastructure. As a result I developed the village imagination plan Residence park Belfeld a/d Maas'.

Development and research was suported by Saskia van de Wiel (curator art en society, Museum van Bommel van Dam ), Suzanne Bastings (policy advisor housing, Gemeente Venlo), Martin Delhij (advisor neigborhood development, Wonen Limburg), Climmy Roeffen (adviser sustainable developments, Gemeente Venlo) and Arthur Rijntjes (real estate and project management, Bouwbedrijven Jongen)

'REFLECTOR' follows the concept behind #theorganisation and wants to make knowledge and resources available from the market in order to develop alternatives for society as a whole. Its success rate depends to a great extent on the enthusiasm with which various 'shareholders' want to visualize the results.

Publicity about this project: Museum van Bommel van Dam

'REFLECTOR' was supported by: Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie, Gemeente Venlo, Bank Giro Loterij, Provincie Limbrurg.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.

Photo 1 - Transport of a house that is moved i.v. the construction of a new residential area, Ben van Meerendonk

Photo 2 - Reconstruction after the Second World War: first emergency houses in Venlo have now been inhabited fourteen months after the liberation, the Netherlands, 3 mei 1946, Wiel van der Randen

Photo 3 - Het Romerhuis, Edwin Stolk

Photo 4 - Prefab front panel, source internet

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