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Not 4 U

30 June - 8 July 2007

My graduation work at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, accompanied by a thesis: Unlimited perception - my work in relation to Phenomenology by the philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty.

In the book Phenomenology of Perception, Merleau Ponty described the artist as radical phenomenologist because his work is the ambiguous result of being available to the complexity of the world.

While the academy was preparing for the annual graduation show, I decided to exhibit everything that was removed to establish white cube environments. In a large installation I presented all excluded materials, tables, cupboards and chairs that were to be stored elsewhere and part of a reality that visitors were not supposed to see.

Not 4 U was a key work in my development and meant the end of presenting drawings on a wall and the beginning of space related visualizations. I tried to question the presentation of art and investigated the complexity of how a certain reality is formed and often manipulated.

In my opnion it is the role of visual art to question every condensed, formed and manipulated surrounding we consider real.


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