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Edwin Stolk ☰

The making of
a momentum
April 2016

As one of the four selected artists I attended a micro-residency at 'Eastville Project Space' in the UK. Located in Eastville, an area of Yeovil known once as Newtown for its rows of red brick houses that form some of the oldest social housing schemes in this town. The purpose of my stay was to contribute to the research and development phase of this young initiative and develop the outlines for an embedded future project.

Trained as a visual artist I consider myself the initiator of collaborative visual interventions. My special preference goes out for projects that focus on the public space as a scene for social enquiries. All projects differ in form and focus on the site specific needs and possibilities.

When considering the Yeovil environment 'a painting', the question is; who made it and what is our role within this landscape?

During my stay we organized three walks (1,2,3) to 'meet' the daily 'making' of Yeovil and the Eastville neighbourhood in particular. I invited the local community, people that were interested in the power of the 'image' to get in touch. By analysing the current situation I found new ideas for 'The making of a momentum. Achive by Unity' came out as a project proposal for a visual intervention that should be able to contribute today's scenery.

Below the link to my online research:


This project was mentioned in the following press: (more info soon)

'The making of a momentum' could count on the generous support of 'Arts Council England', 'South Somerset Districts council'.

Photos were made by Hristina Tasheva.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.