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Live Happily

(not realised)

In close collaboration with the Incubate Festival, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and local corporations as Renova BMW in the Tilburg area we worked on Live Happily.

Merijn Denkers, curator of Incubate festival asked me in 2011 to develop a proposal for the open source expo during Incubate 2012. Incubate intended to attract at least 200 artists who would deliver without any payment their diverse artworks for the exhibition that was in the end made and arranged by the curator. The location for the show was a big hall ('koepelhal') near the city centre of Tilburg. The exhibition you could enter without admission fee.

Because I imagined the atmosphere of many artworks all together in this big venue it would feel like an art fair. Therefore I decided to use the corporate language of these fairs in my proposal to intervene and embed inside the exhibition. I was interested in the intentions of the artists who agreed to exhibit their work for free in an unknown context. Aspects that are for me very connected and important. I chose the place where sponsors become visable within these settings.

In order to do so my idea was to build a booth like the famous coffee brand does on these art fairs. This time .ORG was the brandname in the red square and offered their ideological view to the audience by well dressed representatives of #theorganisation. They offered people a free membership to #theorganisation. Also 10 artist names would be presented in this booth where they could be nominated for a special .ORG art prize. The young talented winner could get besides the honour, a sparkling white BMW which was on show during the whole exhibition period. This brand is also often visable at these art events.

During the show artists would be able to present their statements in the booth and they were interviewed by Fontys Hogeschool students about their intentions to participate in this exhibition. In the booth there were also headsets available which could take you on a guided tour through the exhibition.

In the end of June 2012 we canceled the development of the project because the promised budget for realisation was missing. Other attempts to gain resources had failed. The exhibition of artworks by more than 200 artists who were not payed for there work continued without the intervention; Live Happily.


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