Couch grass

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Couch grass

17,18 May 2014

Couch grass was realised in close collaboration with Jutka Vries, Ella Nieuwenhuijzen, Marlot Westera, Eveline de Jonge, Diedrik Sibma, Bo van den Heuvel, Shane Hoetjes, Mickey Vissers and Folkert Koelewijn. It was possible within the context of the Unnoticed Art Festival organized by Frans van Lent. This festival was presented in a secret middle sized city in the Netherlands which turned out to be Haarlem and brought performances; unnoticed in public space.

Couch grass is a common and invasive weed. It is a perennial grass which rapidly spreads by rhizomes (underground stems). From its tips, new shoots are produced in spring and autumn that quickly produce tufts of leaves and more rhizomes...

Couch grass was a group performance of nine youngsters which were loitering around in the public space of the city centre. Each youngster prepared beforehand a subject of their interest and while the people in the streets stigmatized their presence they were focusing on the exchange of information.

Concepts and experiences of all the Unnoticed artworks are published in a book. You can get your copy here.

More information about the fesival:

Photo by Eveline de Jonge: Couch grass, Haarlem, 17,18 May 2014.