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Conjuncture of circumstances I - II

8 - 17 July 2011

A soundwork shown online and played at the Sandberg MFA (Master Fine Arts) graduation show and made possible in collaboration with de SERVICEGARAGE and Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.

Conjuncture of circumstances I is an intimate video performance of 3:50 min where I try to imitate a trumpet playing: Taptoe-signaal. Which is played at Remembrance of the Dead that is held annually on May 4 in the Netherlands.It commemorates all civilians and members of the armed forces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who have died in wars or peacekeeping missions since the beginning of the Second World War. By doing so I wanted to react on the political climate in the Netherlands and its growing hostility against minority groups.

Conjuncture of circumstances II consisted out of a soundscape of 10:55 min which was played in a loop during the MFA group exhibition. While imitating the sound of a trumpet I recorded these taps known for military purposes as for example memorial, reveille and the sound played before armies attack.

During the exhibition this sound was played inside and reached even outside the exhibition venue where it established the necessary connection between art and the public domain. Inside it disturbed the experience of the other artworks. With this soundwork it was important to point at the role and function of art in todays society. It contained a critique towards art for art sake and a wake up call for artists to take visual responsibility.


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