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Edwin Stolk ☰

The Centre of Now

21 Jan. till 4 March 2017

With pleasure I contributed to the exhibition program of Kunstenlab in Deventer. Leading topic was the festivalization of our society.

In my artistic practice I collect, arrange and present materials or I propose to change a particular situation while (re)organizing the available potential. The image that arises with these temporary works I experience as a tool that enables a collective research, discovering common ideas and what is considered real or seen as reality.

Our current rhythm of life and consumption is fast and risks the lack of a critical analyses of the underlying concepts. If the market provides our human needs it seems obvious that we can buy pleasure as a product. For example with a ticket for a festival. Pleasure is the driving force for this purchase and directly linked to the time of consumption.

The Centre of Now consisted of several readymade and festival-related materials brought together for this occasion and explored the position of a festival visitor within this controlled environment and how he or she relates to this construction. With this arrangement it was my aim to pose the question if it is possible to think of a form of pleasure beyond the product of pleasure, that transcends this moment of consumption?

The Centre of Now could count on the generous support of Kunstenlab and followed the concept of #theorganisation.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.