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Saturday 22 January 2011, 3 pm - 3.30 pm

This queue was part of a collaboration with the artists Loek Grootjans, Alicia Framis and the Sandberg Institute. But it was most of all realized with the generous support of all the participants who were lining up all together.

For now I would like to call this work a human arrangement, at the time I thought of it as a combination between an action and a happening. Through different media I announced my attempt to reenact the queue that was there at De Appel in 2010 after a reopening on this location and explained my urgent request to participate with me in this flashmob at the Appel Art Centre in Amsterdam today.

I explained that this work was inspired by statements of our state secretary of education and culture Halbe Zijlstra in the Netherlands. He had announced on public television to make governmental subsidies for museums depended on visitor ratings. At the same time; the Appel Art Centre was publicly accused in a newspaper to attract too less visitors and only a small group of insiders at the exhibitions openings.

I invited people to join me at 3 pm and to stand with me for 30 minutes in front of the pay desk in the heart of the museum. Together we would create a large queue which would reach outside of the museum as far as possible. Not knowing how many people would join me in this attempt. At 3.30 pm we all would leave the museum and disappear in the city.

A lot of peolpe were showing that day and with this human intervention we created a lived connection between the isolated art institute and the public on the streets outside. At the same time it was my intention to create a moment to question the standard of visitor ratings in connection with subsidies and how this would influence the art and its importance for society.

This happening was also a tryout for me, to look in a highly individualized society as the Netherlands if it is still possible to make the difference by acting together.


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