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not a readymade

Edwin Stolk ☰

not a readymade

6 - 7 Sept. 2014

This temporary artwork was shown in the exhibition 7X52X10 organized by visual artist and blog owner Kees Koomen to celebrate 10 years of his chmkoome's blog. He organized this two day group exhibition at Foundation Ruimtevaart in The Hague.

Besides his own work he showed the work of other artists that run a blog about art. The intention of this group show was to look at the connection between the work of the artist and his or her blog. Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and I stopped blogging for some time now. If you are interested please visit #strangemessenger.

'Not a readymade' reflected on the context of this art show in the white cube and linked art with the world outside. On this page you can see the documentation. The actual work consisted of a pedestal where I placed my backpack on top and two small video screens, normally used in cars. On these screens a text based video placed the bag within the art context. 

Best regards, Edwin Stolk.

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Photo on the left is made by Hristina Tasheva.