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Investigating spaces

November 2007

This video performance was made for the internet. In the glory days of Myspace it was noticed and nominated for the Partouche Award at: Prix Partouche du Court Metrage Experimental, Experimental Short Film Festival - and premeried at Arts Le Havre in 2008.

This work investigated the relation between the body and space, it was an attempt to reach a pre-natural state of mind in which you could free yourself of the knowledge about yourself and your surrounding. I was inspired by a theory of the philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty who wrote about this pre-scientific state of mind in order to get closer to an understanding of reality.

This performance was made without any script and filmed by myself with a cheap photo camera in a little room of my apartment. Intuitively I started to use the surrounding materials as metaphors for bigger issues. It was not a search for beauty in our pure existence but more of a report, showing an experiment. A search through new forms of communication, looking out for our physical and mental realtionship with the spaces we inhabit.