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The ORiGinal and its copy

16 May 2015

The ORiGinal and its copy @ #focus meets Malieveld.

Malieveld is since 1576 a protected site in The Hague, that year William I, Prince of Orange signed: 'De Acte van Redemptie'. This large field serves today as the place for demonstrations, military parades, fairs, festivals and is the place where every Saturday at about 11am, individual artists gather to do whatever they want.

The ORiGinal and its copy
(a scene divided in two parts)

"The deterritorialization of the original, its removal from its site by means of bringing it closer represents, by contrast , an invisible and thus all the more devastating employment of violence, because it leaves behind no material trace." Source: Boris Groys, Art in the Age of Biopolitics.

Part 1: Explain the audience that you tried to escape your isolated position as artist by applying for a special education program with the title: Bridging the gap. After being invited for an interview based on your proposal date: 6 May at the Matrix Innovation Centre in Amsterdam, you received a short email with the decision that your communicative skills are good enough to bridge the gap between your artistic intentions and the corporate en political network yourself. Tell your audience that you will kneel in front of a corporate banner with the words The .ORG which refers to: The ORiGinal and its copy. With this act you show the world your respect to the power of the organisation and how it protects the way reality is preserved. Then you kneel and ask the people around you to copy the ORiGinal.


Part 2: Lay down the flag of #theorganisation on the special grass that is seeded here because its strong enough to resist large amounts of people during times of protest. Protect the flag from the wind with books that you brought all the way as evidence: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, Society of the spectacle by Guy Debord, Art Power by Boris Groys, Empire by Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri. Invite people to form a circle around this flag and ask them to pass on a few photos that all together introduce a new visual concept that needs to be realized collectively. Visual opposition by co-creation. Invite the attendees to contribute with their expertise and act as share holders united in #theorganisation.


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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.