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21 June - 13 July 2008

This material arrangement was part of Jong Land/ Young Land at Annapaulowna, in The Netherlands, I was invited for this group show by curator and artist Arjan Brentjes.

For three weeks I was working in this former pimary school where the exhibition took place. In and around the building I collected materials, left overs that I brought into a class room that was appointed for my work.

All these materials were silent witnesses from a near past and breathing the times when the school was still functioning. At the same time their future was unknown and together with the inhabitants waiting for a new perspective.

In an attempt to study this reality of transformation I decided to work on an intense experience when entering this class room. The architecture was so to say my canvas and the materials could be seen as my paint. As a whole I tried to create an abstract environment with undefined information, searching for new meaning within this material and spacious presence.

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