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Idea, attitude, or action

April till June 2009

This work was realized with the support of Albert Dijkstra at BuroDijkstra ArtGallery in the Rotterdam harbour.

The title refers to a form of social influence. Every image today has meaning and is often carefully directed to guide the viewer in a certain direction. What exactly is the role of art within this process?

You could only reach the small garden as scene for this work through the gallery itself. This deliverd an interesting contrast with the clean ceramic sculptures shown inside. Persuasion was built with collected waste materials and destroyed shortly after the show.

This visual research brought together themes from the news as also personal topics, vizualised by materials and placed together in a new arrangement. By bringing them out of context I tried to open up new interpretations. The leading research question was, how do we come to the acceptance of a reality and who is in control or guiding this visualization process?

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