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permission to do so


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Permission to do so, deals with the role of the performer and the conceptual ownership of a certain visual reality.


'Please remember but do not print this concept. It is better for nature and you avoid ownership related questions.

This informal performance aims to activate your role in public- but privatized surroundings. It wants your effort to make 'public space' public again by adding, removing or replacing anything that opens a debate about its ruling parameters. When you manage to introduce a different point of view, you provide the necessary food for an often missing environmental discussion.

'an open-source society, that is, a society whose source code is revealed so that we can all work collaboratively to solve its bugs and create new, better social programmes'
Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

For example, step towards an enquirer with a list of your own questions or lay down a row of paving stones in the park. Remember the old picture in your head and advertise the new situation by sharing its photo on social media, use the hashtag #theorganisation

Spread this work aggressively since it is all yours.'

Interesting read within this context: 'Freedom of Culture, The Regulation and Privatization of Intellectual Property and Public Domain' Jorinde Seijdel is kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund.

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Best regards, Edwin Stolk.