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Identity 2.0 as a Neologism_the next generation of identity

29 August - 17 October 2009

Identity 2.0

I made this arrangement for the group show People You May Know | PYMK on invitation by curator and artist Hester Scheurwater. The title of the group show refers to Facebook and the way it makes you connect with other people you might know.

Identity 2.0 is also called digital identity and created to login on more network sites at once, using emerging user-centric technologies, instead of one by one. This digital identity is in my opinion an interesting metaphor for a subjective identity, which could lead to new perspectives on our shared daily surroundings.

The word neologism in the title refers to the meaning "new word", or the act of creating a new word and a synonym for it. Here it means the new meaning of the word 'identity' by changing the perspectives on the understanding of identity.

The environment I arranged was temporary and site specific. With elements from the neighborhood, connected with existing video material, I tried to achieve a site for ambiguous connections and interpretations, with the purpose to refresh our view on the daily order we consider real or reality. This action could possibly contribute to open up new forms and ideas of understanding what the word identity means.

An article was published in PZC [Dutch newspaper] PZC 10 September 2009 article 'Kunst met scherpe kanten' by Nico Out


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